Top Ad Spend

Top Ad Spend: Nissan Rogue TV Spot, “Imagination”

Car companies often dominate top TV ad spends. This weeks’s Top Ad Spend comes from Nissan who takes us on a journey through the of imagination of a little boy. In the ad, the car’s various safety features warn the child’s parents of potential road hazards. In the mind of the child however these various dangers become the stuff of a fairytale, including a grasping tree (like those found in the Disney classic Wizard of Oz ), a bear chasing them down in the car’s blind spot, and a pirate ship unleashing a full broadside on the SUV’s occupants. Thankfully the Nissan Rogue’s safety features ensure that the child and his family reach their home unharmed. The boy seems appreciative of this fact and shares a wink and a wave with his noble chariot as he heads inside via the loving arms of his father. We’re not sure if the Rogue’s “wink” is another computer-generated image or an actual lighting trick, but it is cute moment in an ad that is a little dark when you think about it.

Estimated ad spend: $15,494,709.